New Single: Life of a Working Man

Mar 11, 2024

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Shades of Green releases their new single: Life of a Working Man. This song features lead vocals by Eric and backup vocals by the rest of the group. Like the songs on the album, Working Man is based on poems from the book Conversations We Never Had. It had its radio debut on March 3, on the Hometown Heroes with Mark Rogers radio show.

Life of a Working Man is a tribute to the spirit and grit of the blue collar workforce. Pat’s dad was a railroad conductor working out of Conway Yards, along the Ohio River, near Pittsburgh. He wrote a poem called Life of a Working Man and he lived it! Pat wrote a poem called Mingo that was a tribute to his dad’s hard work. Although the railroad life along the river could be gray, brown and bleak, Pat’s dad always had a hopefull outlook. One time he even rescued a puppy on the tracks at Mingo Junction in Ohio and brought it back to Pittsburgh to be adopted. Pat’s family lived in an apartment and could not keep the dog, so they gave him the name Mingo and sent him off with a local who had plenty of land for a dog to run. 

It’s amazing that Scot did not grow up in this area too, as he has done an incredible job channeling these poems and writing music that captures the vibe and feeling of the hard working river towns! Pour a pint and sing along to the catchy, “woe is me” melody of Life of a Working Man.

Listen on YouTube: Life of a Working Man or see the Spotify and Apple Music links below. (The song is also available on other streaming services as well).