Shades of Green in the Studio for “7 Long Years”

Apr 30, 2024

While it’s true that Shades of Green’s schedule peaks around the week of March 17th, that doesn’t mean we take the other 51 weeks off! Each year the schedule seems to get busier and busier, and we like it that way.

Shades of Green is back in the studio, laying down the first tracks for our latest, “7 Long Years”. Like the songs from the album Conversations We Never Had, this song incorporates the poetry of Pat O’Shea Sr. and Jr. (set to music by Scot), but is just a tiny bit more experimental, with a section in 7/4 time. Pat calls it “an inspirational song about overcoming writers block or any type of creative setback.”

Scot remarked: “We wanted to convey a jaunty feel, to match the lyrics. The music and lyric blend to capture a feeling of persistence in life.”

We hope to have this song ready un the upcoming weeks, but while you’re waiting please enjoy our most recent releases, Life of a Working Manand Come Out, Ye Black and Tans

Scot and Eric compare notes during the recording of “7 Long Years” at Morningstar Studios
Shades of Green (l-r): Pat O’Shea, Jim Briggs, Scot Silver, Eric Schreiber, in the control room at Morningstar Studios